March Madness

This March  there have been many upsets in college basketball. One of the upsets was  Connecticut vs. Syracuse . The game ran for 3 hours and 46 minutes and it had alot of ups and downs for both of the teams. Yesterday, March 19, 2009 there was a blow out, Connecticut  vs Chattanooga. The score was 103-48.

NFL trading deadline

The NFL Trade Deadline will fall on Tuesday, October 14th this year. While trades rarely happen at the NFL Trade Deadline, there are some players that would like to be in different situations and contenders that need to find that missing piece.In the NFL, trading can be very common depending on the stats of the […]


Of all the sports I like football the best. It is a very fun game. You can play it with your friends all year. You do a lot of exercise and you get very close to your friends. However, other countries call it soccer and play it differently. I like it better. You get to […]

The Best of the Best

Got Game?

    Do you know the top Football video games? If you have X-Box, Playstasion, PSP, or a computer you could get the number one football video game, Madden Football. This game lets you play as any of the NFL teams against another team! This game changes year by year so the one you should get […]