All Time Leaders


All Time Leaders

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  1. i am the all time leader in breaking ankles n ravens r the best. this is israel not avery OK HINT HINT

  2. Domick this year

  3. gooooooooooooooo Dominic

  4. alex siminokis

  5. thanks IZZY n u should be but along wit alex s, bryan, dominick

  6. IF only i stayed………i am like Brett Favre. I set all the records ( except JOhnoson, and peter zappala, they are kinda on steroids.)but anyways i would of been the best. But i had to retire.

  7. it me son yes its me the best in the gym !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so the correct answer that you should all have is me ray …nah just kidding. dominick

  8. ahh just so you guys know the guess who the master is alan who really isnt a master and even if he stayed hed be doion worse then any one else in the gym so …HA

  9. yea ok ray i own u everyday

  10. Dominick, Alex s
    and Bryan

  11. dominick,bryan,alex s, Justin D from 2004 n tayler, megi

  12. defiantly daquan

  13. raymond and izzy are the leaders hands down

  14. absolutly dominick

  15. yepp yanick u tell dem boy. We all miss you and wish you luck in your championship run for basketball. This year is year Yanick all the way Dolphins were gonna call the championship the Yanick Toure championship

  16. thanks izzy for your compliments,and win this year

  17. m.r n i want me and sal v.s m.rgreengerg and m.r bell on wensday if you could put it

    p.s isrel sucks at football

  18. ANES arent u da cuzin of blink 182………yuur trash and yuu deff cant beat me in football…heyy u cant beat sal so plzzz

  19. as of right now domonick…ooo and max…. definitly not daquan what are u talkin about neither will brian are u serious

  20. ur wrong absolutly notttt domnick he stinks all he noes how to do is jump i think its daquan

  21. YO SOMEBODY! Domminick can bet Daquan with one hanD!!!!!!!!!!

  22. musel mary jane raymond lopez posso chris maria and troy gregory

  23. GO ANES!!!

  24. but doesnt mr n check this yo?

  25. Raiders go to the Super Bowl


  27. who r you! ico?

    ps what he says is true

  28. i mean ioco

  29. the raiders need popcorn outherwise …………………………………..

  30. im the father of football

  31. ive been a leater in football since i was like 3

  32. does any one have any obgections??????????? well if u do 2 bad cuz i dont care i know im good cuz im determend to do better

  33. yo N wen can i come down and make these kids quit..ahaaa step tht game up.

  34. yo N lemme kno wen i cud come down there n make those kids quit football.put up your best team ill wash em

  35. adam mossed dominick n on teachers day

  36. You have shed a ray of susnhnie into the forum. Thanks!

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