Hello Brooklyn Part 2

MANHATTAN- In my last article, I mentioned the fact that Lebron James is going to the New Jersey Nets/Brooklyn Nets. I am now having second thoughts about the entire situation. Not only am I thinking about the Nets, but I am also thinking the Knicks are possible suitors. A couple of days ago, the Knicks […]

Subway Super Bowl?

On Sunday the Giants clobbered the Arizona Cardinals 34-28, and the Jets had a huge upset victory over the undefeated (no more) Titans 34-13. Both teams are doing great this season and they could meet this season. No not in the preseason but in the Super Bowl of 2009. Who will win? You got me. […]

Hello Brooklyn?

BROOKLYN-A lot of talk over the years was about the Nets moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn. The stadium over at Atlantic Yards is just about starting and should be available to the team in 2 years time. The past few years, the Nets have been in re-building mode. They dumped Jason Kidd- the eye […]

Salvatore is Back!!!!

Sal is back and better than he was before. He just came back from Virginia this week and he will be starting his football season today. Sal is a good friend of mine and is arguably the best player in the lower grades. I have been talking to others about Sal being back including Matthew […]

Broncos  JUMP SPEED  HANDS AGILITY DEFENSE IQ INJURY OVERALL Nick Hoo 70  92 68 84 78 82 90 81 Daniel C 80 75 85 65 72 81 84 81 Shaquille 82 66 86 72 76 78 88 78 Kurt S. 70 72 84 78 80 82 90 74 Paul P. 72 94 60 74 76 […]

Website under construction

To all people who are on this website, (even though no one likes this website), the kids in the web design enrichment, which are Dominick, Stephen, Joe and Israel, are working on getting rid of all the junk on this website. We are working on getting a new layout, new pictures, maybe a song to […]

Trash Talkin’ with Joey B.

The Dolphins led by Joe B. (injured) and the Jets led by Megi are now tied for first place. This is a rivalry that is getting intense. The Dolphins are now without me for the past 3-4.5 weeks now, but on election day, I am getting re- X-Rayed. The Jets have been on tear latley […]