The Knicks got knocked against the Chicago Bulls. It was one tough game with the score 110-103. The Knicks had no chance since the beginning of the game when the Bulls shot ahead with 25 points made by Kirk Hinrich. Then the Bulls went ahead with 18 points made by their rookie, Derrick Rose. The […]

Baseball Season

Yesterday, the New York Mets beat the Cincinnati Reds, the score, 2-1. It was a tight game, but it was the outstanding pitching by Johan Santana that helped the game. Santana won the game with seven strikeouts in 5.2 innings. The New York Yankees didn’t do so well in the opening of the baseball season. […]

Lance Stephenson: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Lance Stephenson, the 6’5” shooting guard for Lincoln High School has to decide whether he should go to college or play in Europe. He can’t jump straight into the NBA because of the new rule stating, each high school basketball player must have one year education in college. Many NBA and college basketball players are […]

Villanova Wild Cats Final Four Run

    Duke and Villanova went at it in the first half, but Villanova took over in the second half. Duke hit no 3 pointers to take the lead. Villanova had a very powerful center Cunningham. He had a great steal against Jon Shyer. He ran down the court and dunked it over a Duke […]