Playoffs 2016- Who will win?

North 1 Seahawks vs (the winner of the Sub team vs 4 Scorpions) 2 Phoenix vs Falcons due to a coin toss as they had equal records South 1 Jaguars vs 4 Jets 2 Giants vs 3 Wolverines West 1 Vikings vs 4 Ravens 2 Scorpions vs 3 Unicorns East 1 Jaguars vs 4 Patriots […]

Who will win Super Bowl 11 in the lower grades and Superbowl 8 in the upper grades?

Jaguars vs Unicorns= Super Bowl 11 Bills/49ers vs Kings/Cardinals= Super Bowl 8   Who will win and why? Who will make it for the upper grades? The Bills lead 2 games to one and the Kings and Cardinals are all tied up 2-2 leading to an intense game 5 on Tuesday-what will happen?

Who is the best player in the gym?

It is that time of year to discuss possible awards and I want to know who do you think should win each award? Who is the best player outside? Who should be in the 180 Hall of Fame this year? Will the teachers ever lose this year? Playoffs should start around the second week of […]

Superbowl Bound

Who will win? Beasts vs Cardinals in the lower grades and Ravens vs Texans in the upper grades? I can’t wait it! They should be exciting games. So, Who do you think will come out on top?

Crystal Ball Time

Prediction Time- Here is your chance to voice your opinion and back it up with some facts. Who is going to win it all this year in both leagues? Who will make this years Hall of Fame? Who will win the coveted awards at the end of the season? Who will be a captain next […]

Undefeated Still!

In the gym, the Broncos led by Nick H. and the Dolphins led by Joe B. started their season at 2-0. Suffering a lost to their captain Joe B. to a fractured foot, the Dolphins lost their first game this year to the Jaguars led by Aly M. The Broncos on the other hand won their […]

Trash Talkin’ with Dom & Joe

In the up coming season, there are some big news from the HFL (homewood football league). This section of the website will be about trade rumors, player rumors, and everything trash talkin’. In fact today, Israel J. clamied that he is the best player in the entire gym. We don’t think so, but we all know he […]

Trash Talkin’ with Dom & Joe

This week, Stephen and Israel are creating rankings for each player in the conference. Please do not get hurt by the rankings, its just for people to get better! For example, we all know Israel cries alot, therefore his intelligence will be very low. But Israel knows we are just kiddin’ with him! In other […]


Hi everybody, this is Joe B., Dominick N., and Stephen K. in the Web Design Enrichment, and we will be giving you information for the new football season coming up soon! We will be giving you updates from past games, stats, scores & standings. We hope you enjoy the new era in Homewood Knights History.

Messages From The Dungeon

Hark-Every week we will have different squires, looking to become knights of legend, discuss some of the common lore of the castle. BEWARE what you read. Do not be lured in too deep. The torture chamber awaits. Come in full armor and be ready for battle.