Trash Talkin’ with Dom & Joe

In the up coming season, there are some big news from the HFL (homewood football league).Β This section of the website will be about trade rumors, player rumors, and everything trash talkin’. In fact today, Israel J. clamied that he is the best player in the entire gym.Β We don’t think so, but we all know he is alittle crazy. Hey, we want to know what YOU think… comment about thisΒ new segment of TRASH TALKIN’ with Dom & Joe.

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  1. i think that the trash talk is a good way to get better and also your being competitive

  2. even though Matthew burrus is the best

  3. Nice website. It looks like you guys are doing a good job. Anyway, I would like to point out that every Friday, the teachers are the best 6 players in the gym. You little kids can fight over who’s the 7th best. I just wanted to make that clear. I’m not trash talking here. I’m just stating the obvious truth. Hopefully the 7th and 8th graders will get a little better soon so that the teachers can work up a sweat one of these days. You know, I genuinely thought you guys were better. Well, I guess you guys proved me wrong. Are you guys even trying to win? Promise me you’ll try next Friday…(I could use a good laugh.)

    Mr. Reyes

  4. If we’re gonna talk trash, lets talk about these weak screen passes to Brian. and other than the teachers, the best three are dom, sim, and brian. wishful thinking ali.

  5. I think the new trash talking place is very cool for teachers and students to get pumped and mad.

  6. Well Mr. Greenburg… Bryan happens to be a great runner… he just needs better blocking… man I will own you when you QB with my jersey in your face ;D

  7. ha he is the worst

  8. Finally, we have the GYM tomorrow!! πŸ˜€
    So excited #Excited

  9. Hopefully, my team and i arent rusty. Well, i have been training a bit after school and when im at home. So hopefully my team isnt rusy. #Nervous.

  10. The two worst people i think, in football , is the worst.
    Andy in Dolphins and Patriot in the Eagles.

    Andy – Cant play defense – Complains AΜ²LΜ²OΜ²TΜ².

    Patriot – Dont think he cant do AΜ²NΜ²YΜ²TΜ²HΜ²IΜ²NΜ²GΜ².

    Nᴏᴑ Ιͺ Κœα΄€α΄ α΄‡ sα΄α΄α΄‡α΄›ΚœΙͺΙ΄Ι’ ᴛᴏ α΄‘Κ€Ιͺᴛᴇ
    ΙͺΙ΄ ᴍʏ ɴᴏᴛᴇʙᴏᴏᴋ.

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  12. 9 game winning streak!!!!! All the way!

  13. What are pass touchdowns? I would love to be the first.

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