NFL Flash! Rival of the Greybeards!

On Sunday, September 28th, big news will be posted in sports. Big news happening at the Meadowlands Arena in NJ. At age 39, Brett Favre will look to try to win his second game as a New York Jet against the Arizona Cardinals. Kurt Warner on the other hand is aged 34 and playing agianst […]

Trash Talkin’ with Dom & Joe

This week, Stephen and Israel are creating rankings for each player in the conference. Please do not get hurt by the rankings, its just for people to get better! For example, we all know Israel cries alot, therefore his intelligence will be very low. But Israel knows we are just kiddin’ with him! In other […]


Hi everybody, this is Joe B., Dominick N., and Stephen K. in the Web Design Enrichment, and we will be giving you information for the new football season coming up soon! We will be giving you updates from past games, stats, scores & standings. We hope you enjoy the new era in Homewood Knights History.

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