Trash Talkin’ with Dom & Joe

This week, Stephen and Israel are creating rankings for each player in the conference. Please do not get hurt by the rankings, its just for people to get better! For example, we all know Israel cries alot, therefore his intelligence will be very low. But Israel knows we are just kiddin’ with him!

In other news, the Dolphins led by Joe and the Knights led by Elvir, are looking very good. Another team that can be very intriguing this year can be the Broncos led by Nick. The Jaguars led by Aly is also stacked with great players.

This year awaits us, and will start next week! We can’t wait!

P.S. Please be good at the lunch table and line so we can play!

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  1. This year will be great… I really can’t wait. Too bad one of my players can’t catch… but he needs to get better!


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