Crystal Ball Time

Prediction Time-

Here is your chance to voice your opinion and back it up with some facts. Who is going to win it all this year in both leagues? Who will make this years Hall of Fame? Who will win the coveted awards at the end of the season? Who will be a captain next year? Who will be in this years Pro Bowl? Who will be the MVP of their respective Super Bowls? Who will play High School ball next year? Who will go to this summers Big Apple games?

21 Responses to “Crystal Ball Time”

  1. Liam,Lorenzo, or Nien should win the cry baby award. Brain d. should get most improved.the pro bowl should be all the captains and 1st picks.

  2. Filippo should get best defense award. Michael or Lorenzo should get best offense award. Filippo can block and he gets interceptions. Michael and Lorenzo get the most touchdowns, and they can catch.

  3. Lorenzo,nick b and Michael should win a best captain award and niam, Brian, Mohamed, Filippo and denies should get the most helpful award.

  4. 1)The teams that are going to the super bowl are the saints and the jets. I picked these teams because the saints should be called the comeback teams for some of our comeback wins. I also picked the jets because Lorenzo’s team can’t play defense. Matt’s team just does not have enough skill to get past the jets. And Nick B.’s team has a lot of trouble trying to watch certain players in their zones.
    2)Honestly, The Hall Of Fame people would be Michael Tremblay, Naim, Denis Mani, Liam, Mohammed (panthers), and Nick G. These guys have enough skill to beat the 8th graders.
    3)Some captains and 2 kids from each team in the whole league will get coveted awards.
    4) The captains next year will be Denis, Michael T., Naim, Mitchell, Osher, Liam, Nick G., and Brian D. I pick these guys because they show the respect and confidence in your team when you are playing. They understand that when you lose, it’s okay, just work on what you have to do.
    (This excludes Naim)
    5) If the Super Bowl Is Saints vs Jets, Then the MVP will be Michael Tremblay for his skills and trick plays against other teams. Plus, he’s not afraid of the ball.
    6)That would be only about fifteen 8th graders.
    7)In the nicest way, it would be Michael, Brian, Nick G. and Nick B., Naim, Mohammed, Osher, Denis, Liam, Lorenzo,Mitchell, Auditio, Filippo, Ebshoy, and Chris M.

  5. packs to the superbowl nuff said

  6. Brian, you’re comment was amazing. But, some of the things you put were a little off. I’m happy that you put me for most helpful. (One of them). And that you said I’ll probably be a captain next year. And for number 7. But, the 6th graders probably won’t be captains next year. Considering that next year the 7th graders will be 8th graders. They’ll probably be captains. Michael T. can’t be a captain again, Liam can’t either, or Nick G. They’ve already been captains. But, who knows. Anthony was a captain two years in a row. Naim, I admit is good on offense. He catches very well. But, he kind of gives up when something goes wrong. Like today, Nick G. got an into off of him, and blocked a pass off of him. After, that. He gave up, he didn’t try anymore. This is one thing that Naim needs to work on. Now, I’ll say who should get which award. Some of these I have said before. Michael T. and Lorenzo should get best offense, and Filippo should get best defense. Brian D. should get rookie of the year. He crosses people up, and makes impressive catches and touchdowns. I think I should get most improved. I went from being a sub, to being one of the most improved people in the gym. I’m improving on offense and defense. I do however, get mad at my teammates at times. I’ll be honest, I yell at them. But, I also tell them that we can all improve. Including me. We have good times, we congratulate the other teams when they win. Anyway, back to the awards. Syed should get Best Sub. Yes, most people would disagree with me. But, he has improved slightly. He’s starting to catch better, and he’s been chosen on a lot of teams. His defense is pretty good. Yep..

  7. Brain should get offensive rookie . Massimo should get defensive.the Super Bowl will be the giants or saints vs.the jets or cardinals.

  8. y are all of you posting such long paragraphs and saying that other teams are going to the sb GO FOR YOUR TEAM not someone else

  9. -_- peeps comedown we have time for thing 2 change 🙂

  10. good luck to everybody but my team does not know how 2 play defense:(

  11. which 5th graders are leaving? a lot of 501 will be gone but I’m staying.which 3rd graders will play football,what 4th will still play?

  12. My team is Gunna vs the giants in the Super Bowl n Denis is getting most improved Brian is getting rookie of the year best defense player is Fillipppo n best offense award might be me n MVP might be michael n best sub award will be syed

  13. Kathleen, Lorenzo; Do you mean me?

  14. Yo When Am I Gunna Get The Respect I Deserve And Be Selected In The Hall Of Fame !! Imma Legend Like Whoever Does The Ballots Must Be Slow 2012 HOF IZZY

  15. ebshroy how dare you insult your captian! the worst punishment of all SHORT! jk no one to play deep. nick b or me is getting best feet, but about 40% of my touchdowns are from running it in from out of the endzone. just today i did that against the panthers from a juke in between both of the mohammeds on the team.

  16. No I mean Brian the fourth grader

  17. #3, I just showed the video hthlgighis to other TX High School coaches. If you continue to love the game, eat properly and stay healthy, you will be a big force in high school in any state and in college if you do the right thing and focus on academics. You can’t teach that type of speed, explosiveness, quickness. I bet you are a high level athlete. The combination of your athleticism and football mentality/instincts, you will go a long way. I like the way you play the game.Coach JB

  18. lets go eagles

  19. Mr n it’s Matt Deliso when can I come to play football

  20. Terrence .trade me. and a tip.4Th DOWN ZONE.Brian trade Rob for liam

    LETS GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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