The Royal Tournament

Prediction Time

1) Who will win the Superbowl this year for both Lunch periods?

(Give me your best argument and tell us why-Prove your teams worth)

2) Create the best team you can with todays current players?

(Top 5 in each Lunch period)

3) What does your team need to become better – What trade would make your team Champs?

4) If you could pick a teacher to be on your team who would it be and why?

5) Who is the best female player in the gym and why?

6) Who drops the most passes? Student and teacher.

7) What makes the Jets so good and who is the best player on their team?

8) What is the coolest jersey in the NFL and in our gym?

9) What player is the most improved so far?

10) What player did you wish was picked on your team and why?

11) What Hall of Famer do you think is the best and why?

12) Do you ever think you will be in the PS/IS 180 Hall of Fame? Why or why not?

State your case.

13) Who is the best Saturday player? Why?

14) Who is the best new player?

15) Which teacher has the best skills and why?

Get Jousting


9 Responses to “The Royal Tournament”

  1. 1.idk about both grades its a tough leauge.Even for the JETS!
    3.Nothing the Jets got what they need.
    4.Mr.Reyes. He’s fast and covers alot of ground.
    5.Meggi-She can catch
    6.T.J. and Mr. Stewert
    7.We are just great!! and Bryan is the best on the team-of course
    8.The Jets jersey!lol! Truly it would probably be the Bengels.-IDK
    10. Nick Hoo for the Jets
    11.Um idk
    12.Probably not. Even though I am ranked 6th in touchdowns I still dont think people would vote me.
    13. Never been there.
    14.Raymond-is he new??
    15.Mr.Xia-Math skills-idk

  2. skye is the best new player all i need to do is d which that stinks but anything besides that every one wiill get lit up like alex r and mr n lolololololololololololol

  3. Once again cardinals are takin it all we have to do is keep our confidence up and where going all the way to the top.

  4. Hey – this is Ms. Byrnes from 5-418. I think PS 180’s football program is awesome I have an awesome time playing 5th periods on Friday (sorry for those that I’ve accidentally knocked to the floor, cut, hit in the head, elbowed and/or stepped on). I think everyone has a lot of fun and I’ve been impressed with how well everyone plays. I think the 6th and 7th graders that play on Fridays have a pretty nice zone defense. Now for some questions:
    1. Giants (5th lunch period)
    2. Scottie, Onnis (sp?), Maria, Sal and that guy in Curto’s class that’s really fast.
    5. All the females that play in the gym are really good
    8. Coolest jersey in the NFL belongs to the San Diego Chargers
    9. I’ve heard that Marcus is pretty improved, especially when he wears a belt
    15. Mr. Klein has the best skills and needs to play more often

  5. 1.ravens idc what anyone says and ill say whoever is on marias team will win 2.alex dominick israel bryan adam 3. my team needs me to win and get to the top and i would trade conor for avery because i hear conor hasnt been making tds bacuase he knows how to play the game of football an d i need someone else to throw tds to me not me throwing tds to them 5. wel i dont know but its between mary-jane and maria. 6.. its between dt and alex s. and mr.greenburg drops the most passes. 7. jets arent all that good we beat them before we could do it again and i think its aly because you know he tries to be like me in football. york titans and the chargers retro 9. i would think nick hoo or daniel c. 10.i love my team i just think i should have not passed up on aly. 11. johnathan because hes just good okay he might not wanna hear nothing from the kid who scored on him 12. coming what is this next question please 13. israel hes the all around best player. 14. adm curo hands down 15.MR.N KNOWS THE GAME MORE NOT IS MADD BIG AND STRONG

  6. 1. Raiders[ 5th grade]
    2. maria, mary jane, anes, sal and daniel
    3. my team needs 2 get better @ affense. we have 2 play good affense even when we get ball first.
    4. Mrs. adisano
    6. mrs byrnes and Jeffery
    8. Chargers Home [Navy Blue]
    9. Definetly Marcus
    10. sal, he can catch anything and gets intos.

  7. 1.giants and jets
    2.anes, sal, maria, mary jane, eric
    5. mary jane because she is tall and gets easy interceptions
    6.migel(student) ms.adisano (teacher)
    7.they have good players. the best one is dontae
    8. giants


  9. 1. Raiders and either the jets or cardinals
    2.Bryan, Alex s, Dominic, Adam, and Rick
    3. We dont need to make any trades but we do need our team to play like a team
    4. MR. De Carlo because he is very athletic
    5. Meggi because she is a good all around player
    6. T.J and Mr.Stewert
    7. Either Bryan or Aly
    9. Nick hoo
    10. Nobody I like the way my team is now
    11. Johnathan Because he is good at verything
    12. I don’t no
    13. Dont no
    15. I dont no

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