5 Quest-ions to be answered

1. Who should be in the Hall of Fame this year?

2. Who is the best Defensive player beyond stats?

3. Which teams will win this years superbowls?

4. Who is the best Offensive player beyond stats?

5. Which teacher are the students most afraid to face this season?


Let the Joust begin!

45 Responses to “The QUEST”

  1. dominick N SHOULD BE in the hall of fame. eagles are going to win the super bowl. musel has the most touchdown. mr greenberg

  2. 1. Rick or adam

    2. Dont know

    3. Eagles and Falcons

    4. Dont know

    5. greenberg

    (from sub a not pikmin the other michael)

  3. I think Domonick N should be in the hall of fame. Jorge from the jets is the best defensive player. The Saints( lower league) and the Jets(upper league). Adam Curto is the best offensive player because of his height. Theres no teachers in the whole skool that the kids should be afraid of.

  4. 1. This year should be Yanick Toure.
    2. The best defensive player is Muhammed Dar.
    3. Upper league: Titans; Lower league: Falcons
    4. Adam, because noone else gets the ball on his team.
    5. In my opinion, Ms. Burnes, because everyone underestimates her and I see an improvement.
    (notice how i didnt put myself up there, you conceited people)

  5. 1. Adam, duh

  6. 1.dominick nopoli should be in the hall of fame 2.christian hobbesland the south and north RAIDERS AND ON THE WEST AND EAST GATORS 4.rick from 8th grade 5.none of them

  7. Hey, so the site is back up and running. I’m reading it over and I’m just wondering why there is no mention of me for question number 5. I really got a good laugh out of the guy who said, “Theres no teachers in the whole skool that the kids should be afraid of.” Wow! That probably comes out of a mouth of someone who probably got used to the fact that they stand no chance against the teachers on Friday. Come on guys! Remember when you guys were good? I know it was a long time ago, but I have to say you used to be good. What happened? Did everyone that was good graduate? I don’t even take off my tie and you guys don’t even get me to break a sweat. I don’t even try sometimes and you guys still find a way to drop passes and throw interceptions. I mean Mrs. Crowder and Mr. Klein both have caught interceptions in the 2nd lunch period. Aren’t you all embarrassed or at least haven’t you all realized that you should be doing so much better? Here’s a tip for you guys. Don’t throw the ball in my area, and you might stand a chance. Another tip is why aren’t you guys understanding that the teachers play a zone? There’s 4 up front and 2 or 3 deep. Why don’t you guys just spread yourselves out and find the pockets where we aren’t standing? I think you can score every time without having to run if you just place yourselves correctly. I really want you to do better because I start falling asleep watching you play. It’s like a blooper reel every week. The bottom line is that all of you need to stop complaining and arguing with each other and just do better.

  8. 1.) Adam in 8th
    2.)Adam in 8th
    3.)Jets upper Raiders lower
    4.)Adam in 8th
    5.)MR. REYES he jumps HIGH^

  9. i meant dominick for question 1 i was kinda out of it.

  10. Well Mr.Reyes you teachers are bigger than us and faster you have a big advantage. Its pretty much unfair cause when there are like 5 people standing around a teacher all you have to do is stick your hand out and touchdown! Plus you have Mr. Nanfro as quarterback when all we have is kids as quarter back they can’t throw as good. And why everytime someone goes near my Nanfro he scares them. And you had dominick on your team his the best player for the kids you guys pick like the best team for yourselfs but we just get like randomized.

  11. Dominick
    2.Do not know
    4.Dont know
    5.Mr. Greenburg

  12. Sooo, Mr. Ryes did u 4get that game were the students won. Yes it is just 1 game but don’t worry. Soon the teachers will be the team that lost!
    1. Muhammed Dar
    2. Jorge Paso
    3. Gators
    4. Eddie, Muhammed D., and Adam (just because he is tall and no one could jump that high).
    5. Definatly Mr. N
    i mean i am scared to be in his zone and he had/has a cast 2!

  13. i think adam an mr reyes sucks they cant catch in there lifesi even matthew beat adam curto nom its the challenge me vs reyes

  14. i think adam an mr reyes sucks they cant catch in there lifesi even matthew beat adam curto now
    its the challenge me vs reyes

  15. yoo thanks belly for puttin me for best offensive player beyond stats i suck i dont no even why i wud be mentioned

  16. wait hold on r u guys serious
    adam in the hall of fame and the jets in the superbowl r u kinding me!!!!

    it is kurt and christian in the hall of fame and the gators r gonna win the superbowl

    i think something is wrong wif u guys putting adam in the hall of fame and jets in the super bowl

  17. domink sould be in the hall of fame and im not afraid of any teacher but mr.n

  18. dominik napoli in my opinion

  19. 1. I think adam
    3.the jets
    4. Muhammed .d
    5.I ain’t scared of no 1 but if I think every1 else is scared of mr.n

  20. posso u cantplay defense all u no how 2 do is chop people in there throat

  21. Well I think that eddie is the wrost player of the year and they should make a trophy like that he would win every year.

  22. passo u shouldnt be talkin eddie could burn u u suck u cant cover no ground ur 2 fat move

  23. Well at least I can catch he only got speed on me

  24. Jimmy can’t play football he should just quit

  25. passo u can barly catch u use gloves only wooses use gloves

  26. Jimmy just b quite u suck

  27. jimmy u suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

    Jorge is better than u and just face it

  28. passo u cant catch u use gloves only wuss use gloves if u didnt have those gloves u wouldnt catch one ball for ur lifee

  29. At least my team team wins eddie

  30. Wow itz funny u guys talk betta than u playy
    Jimmy is betta cuz he culd catch betta an run betta
    Posso ur a beast u can kill someone if u toach them
    and eddie is really fast (even though he didnt beat me in the race we had)

  31. adam i beatt

  32. and passo my team wins 2 thats y we in second place

  33. Were in second place 2 so ha

  34. Last day of school is June 14th— will be back to own all…

  35. me cause for being the only kid that his “captain” not even close to being better than me WOW antonio really

  36. 1.Adam,rick,mike s.,christian,kurt,muhamed
    2.rick or kurt
    3.panthers or gators….maybe the chargers
    4.ADAM! and not Mr…lol jk


  38. 1; DEFFINETLY Dominick
    2; i think im a good D player beyond the stats
    5: no1

    and teachers: WHY DO U HAVE 8 ppl and we have 9? I MEAN CMON!! like atleast give us a chance

  39. 1.adam
    2. idk

  40. 1.adam
    2. idk

  41. mr.n me and iseral vs justin and mattew deliso

  42. my team is going to be the champions because we have hands but are defence is not so good we need to work on it. musels team is not going to win because the only people on that team is musel and tom but on my team we got matt playing middle and antonio playing deep with me and everyone is scared to come deep on me!

  43. the jets are going to win the Superbowl in the school

  44. I have a feeling my team (falcons) is goin to the super bowl :3

  45. I want a 1 on 1 with arlind or danny

    I just rlly want to show 1 of them that im better then them

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